Feb 23

Precision Bending at Metalcut Laser Solutions

A part with good alignment guarantees faster and better assembly down the line. The goal isn't to eliminate part rejection, it's to allow the assembly of more sets per minute/hour on your production line.

The images below show a perfect overlap between holes. It was achieved through a persistent quality control process combined with streamlined communication between production and the customer.

As a result, the part's flat pattern and bend line positioning were refined to create total alignment between points separated (in this case) by three bend lines.

After prototyping and adjustments, the final product was achieved by performing a third bend that resulted in 100% intersection between planes.

The complete overlap of two different holes in the same part eliminates the need for welding or additional bolting. Making the installation of bolts and screws appear seamless during assembly requires work and dedication.

In addition, perfect positioning between panels or components is reflected in the aesthetics of a product to the end user. It will be noticed not only during disassembly for maintenance by a mechanic, but also when your customer closely observes your product side by side with your competitor's and makes a decision as to which appears to be more durable or of better overall quality.